Friday, March 02, 2012

Mission Kissimmee: Day 5-Prepping for Game 1

MAR 2nd, 2012-No workout today, and thank God for that. This heat is just awful.

Houston's first game of Spring Training is tomorrow, at home against the Washington Nationals. Since they had nothing going on at the Complex today, I didn't think I'd have anything to write about. And maybe I still don't, but...

It was noted by casual observers that 2B Delino Deshields, Jr. was seen looking quite dejected yesterday and walked off the field with his head down, dropping his glove about 10 feet from the benches. As I don't know the details behind this, or whether it's even noteworthy, I'm not going to expound on it (yet).

However, it has been mentioned in the past that the young prospect does not always seem to be giving his all, and I myself feel (from seeing him play in Lexington) that he often seems to be disinterested and going through the motions. Since one particular AB last year, when Deshields literally DRUG his bat up to home plate from the dugout, I've been less than enthusiastic about his chances. Most of what you hear about him has to do with his superior physical condition, excellent speed and upper body strength, which is all well and good; what I want to know is, how much heart does he have for the game?

So far, I've not seen much. I hope he proves me wrong. 
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