Tuesday, April 24, 2012

WTHB Breaks News: Tyler Burnett Released

Burnett in the Field, Lexington's 1st Home Game of 2012;
Kannapolis @ Lexington,
4-12-2012; Photo by Clinton Riddle
APR 24th, 2012-It's hard sometimes not to take this game personally. Of course, that's an odd thing to say when you're not involved in it beyond some amateur league in a run-down neighborhood. But any level, any league, anywhere, it's still baseball. And I love it.

I'm not getting paid to play the game. I don't wear a professional team's logo on my chest. But it would still hurt if I were cut. Sure, my life goes on and my bills aren't affected, nor is my job. Some players don't have it so well.

According to What The Heck, Bobby? (one of the few blog sites I trust for the latest in Houston transactions and recaps), Class A Lexington's 1B Tyler Burnett was released from the team today. No word thus far as to who will be replacing him on the roster; I would suggest you follow up with WTHB for that news.

I get that he started the year slow (.178 BA in 45 AB) but this is a brand new season; we're barely underway. Seems like a kid with that kind of swing and pop from the left side would be worth a little more patience than that. Problem is, with so many of the kids in Kissimmee now being assigned to their 2012 teams room had to be made. It's a business, after all, and that's the cold fact of it. Players are called up, sent down, assigned, released, and so on. That's just how it is.

I do think that Tyler is gonna catch on somewhere. It just may be a while, after a lot of the other kids are assigned and rosters are filled out (finally) for the season. Wherever he ends up, I wish him the best. 
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