Monday, April 09, 2012

Pics From Lexington Legends First Practice, 4-3-2012

APR 9th, 2012-Here's the link:

I'm actually planning on putting a lot of these out on FB and Twitter, so if any players are looking for their pics or want some taken they can let me know. They're on my photo kiosk (as I call it) now, but I'm going to put them somewhere else so players can tag themselves and/or send them to family and friends. After Chowning showed interest in having some new shots I felt kind of like a scab for not posting them, sooner. It's not a lot to ask, really; I can't bring myself to charge players making like $600 bucks a month for their own pics. Family and friends? Another story. One must make a living, after all. There are, of course, exceptions for every rule.

Like I've said in the past, I won't post whole photo albums on FB anymore, what with the whole "we own your crap" clause in their User Agreement. 
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