Thursday, March 01, 2012

Mission Kissimmee: Day 4-More Pics, More Heat

MAR 1st, 2012-My LORD, is it ever hot out here. Well, in Kentucky, it's a mess. Apparently.

Storms, tornadoes, hail (I assume); the whole lot of nasty meteorological phenomena. Here, it's hot as an oven in parts of the day, but in the morning and near sunset there's a certain calm serenity that I've seen only in Florida. Something about the sand and the sea, the salt in the air, even inland where I am now you can still smell it. That's the part of Florida I love.

The part I hate, of course, is the HEAT. And it's only March. Gosh-o-jeez.

Anyhew, mo' pics fo' you. You'll notice that Legends 3B Mike Kvasnicka once again finds himself donning the tools of ignorance, a move by Houston meant to increase his value to the team (or to another as trade bait) and help add depth at a very weak spot for them (catcher). They've probably had this in mind for some time; it's been said that his experience behind the dish was what pushed him so high up in the draft.

Our Favorite Smurf Second Baseman

Altuve, once more. 

K-Man and Wally, together again. 

Rene Garcia

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